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Plan a Meeting or Event in Berkeley

Berkeley is an inspired setting for great meetings, events, weddings, and celebrations. A culinary and cultural hub, the city has meeting and event venues ranging from grand ballrooms and conference-ready hotels, to dramatic theater spaces and private dining rooms in fantastic restaurants.

There's also the Berkeley bonus. Meetings, conferences and events gain focus and status from Berkeley's university-town climate of thought leadership.  After all, this is the home of the University of California and the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement! 

Visit Berkeley can assist with site selection, tour recommendations, transportation, convention services and more.  Please call toll-free, (800) 847-4823 to start planning your Berkeley event today.  

For meeting, conference and event inquiries, please contact: 

Jeffrey Blair, Sales Manager
Visit Berkeley
tel: (510) 549-7040 / (800) 847-4823