BAMPFA Presents “View Finders: Women Cinematographers” Series

Seeing the World Through a Woman's Lens

What is BAMPFA?

True to name, the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) is a hybrid of university art museum and world film hub. BAMPFA is an architectural amalgam as well, with the adaptive reuse of the Art Deco-style, 1939 UC printing plant (the original structure and now the museum) joined to a striking, stainless steel-clad curvilinear volume that houses the state-of-the-art Barbro Osher Theatre.

"View Finders: Women Cinematographers" Film Series

Now through November 21st, BAMPFA presents "View Finders: Women Cinematographers" in the Osher Theatre. This series showcases films shot by female cinematographers around the world, offering the opportunity to focus our gaze on their artistic visions, and perhaps to ponder whether there is a “female gaze.”

For cinematographer Kirsten Johnson, “A woman who has the agency a camera brings is still a sight to behold. . . . Sometimes I am gazing, sometimes I am moving, sometimes I am swooning with discovery, always I am searching. This is my ever-evolving female gaze.” But for Agnès Godard, “Cinematography is such a beautiful word, so simple, so clear, so full. The sound of it evokes right away what it is about: a language, a common language of cinema spoken and shared by human beings, both men and women. I would rather concentrate on seeking how to fulfill this magical word. I would rather consider the wide range of cinematography’s variations and nuances as the richness of a human being’s sensitivity, subjectivity, not necessarily split into two worlds: man and woman. Why should it be two different languages? Cinema is one world.”

The Barbro Osher Theater

Adding to the stellar View Finders line up is the venue itself. The Barbro Osher Theater at BAMPFA is the premier repertory film venue of the San Francisco East Bay, providing audiences with a state-of-the-art space to view the best of classic and contemporary cinema. The 232-seat theater offers raked seating for optimal sight lines and a fully integrated Meyer sound system. The Osher is equipped with 35mm, 16mm, and digital projectors, and BAMPFA retains a staff of highly trained projectionists who ensure that every screening looks and sounds flawless.

Plan Your View

Click here to find the complete "View Finders: Women Cinematographers" film schedule and tickets. Tickets for individual screenings range from $9 to $13 for the general public, and $5 for UC Berkeley students.

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