Get Your Sports Fix with Collegiate Colors

College events bring you back to when "take me out the ballgame, root, root root for the home team" was the best show in town.

Pro sports are big money entertainment, but have also become more star-based and character-driven than ever before. College sporting events will bring you back to the days when "take me out the ballgame and root, root root for the home team" was the best show in town.

California is blessed with some of the best NCAA sporting divisions and rivalries in the nation, with Cal Berkeley v. Stanford, UCLA v. USC, and any combination of the four delivering epic competitive drama.

At UC Berkeley, Cal events all happen right on campus in the heart of Berkeley. Historic California Memorial Stadium is an unforgettable NCAA division 1 football venue, tucked into scenic Strawberry Canyon and the Berkeley Hills. Cal's Evans Diamond is a jewel box of a baseball stadium, located immediately adjacent to downtown Berkeley, as is Haas Pavillion where women's and men's basketball tips off. Women's and men's soccer matches are goalworthy at Edwards Stadium, right next door to Evans Diamond. This is the hallowed pitch where US Olympian Alex Morgan played with passion for the Cal Bears!

Next seasons up are Cal Women's Soccer and Cal Football. Check out their schedules and plan an outing!

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