Catahoula Coffee

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  • 2080 Fourth St
  • Berkeley, California 94710
  • Phone: 510.984.0294

Catahoula Coffee

Available fo Take Out from 8am to 2pm Monday thru Saturday (closed Sunday). 510.984.0294

Free Delivery for web orders of $40+ orders.  (I'll deliver locally - primarily beans)

Free "Regular" 12oz coffee to all on duty 1st Responders (Police/Fire/Paramedics/ Nurses/Doctors even Metermaids)

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At Catahoula, we take our coffee seriously (not ourselves)! We source the finest green beans and roast them to perfection while being responsible to the farmers who grow them. Catahoula Coffee offers drip coffee, espresso drinks, cold brew, breakfast burritos and especially Fresh Roasted Coffee beans.