Poke Parlor

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  • 2485 Telegraph Ave
  • Berkeley, California 94704
  • Phone: 510-256-9685

Poke Parlor

Available for Curbside Pick-Up and Delivery daily, 11:15am-8:45pm.

To place to-go orders call 510-256-9685 or Click Here for Delivery

Poke Parlor focuses on a fast-casual seafood restaurant experience for the health-conscious consumer. Aside from the traditional poke, we're putting a unique twist to the cuisine by offering tacos & panini's (pokenini) to our menu. Our ingredients are 100% sustainably sourced. Our wild-caught seafood is sourced using environmentally friendly fishing methods. The majority of our vegetables are locally soured, organic and non-GMO. We strongly believe in supporting local farmers and suppliers. We also pride ourselves in only serving our food in biodegradable bowls, cups, and utensils.