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The Light


When they are forced to confront a devastating secret from the past, a surprise proposal gift puts the future of Genesis and Rashad's relationship at risk. The Light is a 70-minute, real-time rollercoaster ride of laughter, romance, and despair that uncovers how the power of radical love can be a healing beacon of light. Leigh Rondon-Davis and Kenny Scott are a couple in real life and these two exceptional actors will perform this play live in their own home!

Written by Loy A. Webb & Directed by Nailah Harper-Malveaux


How to watch The Light on demand
Due to popular demand, The Light is now available to rent on Vimeo! Whether you're new to streaming videos or are a pro, you may want a refresher on using Vimeo to watch our productions! If so, here are some instructions on how to access the performance:

-Go to the Vimeo page at vimeo.com/ondemand/thelightVOD and click on the "Buy $40" button about half-way down the page on the right-hand side. You will have an option to add a promotional code later for pay-what-you-can pricing. Please note that all promotional codes are listed in the video's description on Vimeo!
-In the pop-up that appears, you'll either log in to your existing Vimeo account, or you'll be asked to create a new account. You must make an account, as that's what attaches your video to you! Making an account is free and just requires your name and preferred email.
-Once you either log in or create an account, Vimeo will direct you to a payment screen. If you wish to apply a discount, click on "Apply Promo Code" at the bottom and enter your preferred promotional code.
-Click "Continue" to be taken to the payment information screen. Enter your preferred credit or debit card number, then click the blue "Buy" button to process the order.
-You're done! You will be able to either watch the video, or can come back and watch it later! Please note that this is a rental and must be watched within a week of the performance. Vimeo will also send you an email with the link if you'd like to come back to it later.

Accessibility options
To access closed captioning, while watching the video by clicking the white "CC" button at the bottom right-hand side of the video player. Click on "English" to enjoy captioning!

To access an audio-described recording, go to vimeo.com/ondemand/thelightdescribed

Get tickets

The recording of the Sunday, December 6 performance of The Light is currently available for rent as a video on demand! Please note that promotional codes for pay-what-you-can pricing are listed in the video's description on Vimeo!
If you have any questions, email us at boxoffice@shotgunplayers.org


Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Wednesday, January 20 to Friday, February 5
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