Discover Berkeley's Bear territory, the sylvan & stone University of California campus. Engage with Berkeley’s unofficial “Central Park."

UC Berkeley

Berkeley begins with the University of California campus, the sylvan and stone complex at the soulful heart of the city. Today, the UC Berkeley campus, or “Cal” to locals and students, serves as more than an academic enclave. It is Berkeley’s “Central Park,” a destination within the destination. (In fact, the co-architect of New York’s Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted, was also instrumental in designing the University of California campus.)

Berkeley's "Bear" territory, the 178-acre University of California, Berkeley campus is open to the public with beautifully landscaped grounds, historic architecture, redwood forests and and wonderful walking paths that cross campus to connect Downtown Berkeley, Gourmet Ghetto, and the Telegraph Avenue business districts.

To honor Cal’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2018, Visit Berkeley produced an insider's guide to exploring the campus, encompassing both its icons and its hidden corners. The “Cal Secret Spots” guide, created in collaboration with content company Bravo Your City!, is available in both high-quality printed map and digital online formats. Berkeley travelers can pick one up at the Visitor Information Center, 2030 Addison Street in downtown Berkeley, or free digital versions at iBooks and Kindle.

There are many ways to tour the campus -- starting with the fabulous new Koret Visitor Center located in historic California Memorial Stadium. There are also daily guided tours (reservations required) and self-guided sightseeing tour options. The best place to start any UC Berkeley exploration is the short but sweet elevator ride to the observation deck of the Campanile. However, the majestic tower rising from the center of campus does hold a few secrets. Its central floors are home to a 20-ton fossil collection, which includes dire wolves, giant sloths and sabretooth cats.

There are many ways to tour the campus, from a daily guided tour (reservation required) to self-guided sightseeing tour options. For more UC Berkeley visitor information stop by our Berkeley Visitor Center to kick off your trip. Ready for a back-to-school experience? UC Berkeley offers interesting lectures, film and cultural events open to visitors on an ongoing basis.