Three times every week, farmers from fields just outside of Berkeley arrive with farm-to-table bounty for visitors and locals.

Farmers Markets

Berkeley Farmers' Markets are festive, family-friendly, open-air marketplaces where California farmers bring fresh, locally-grown produce and farm-processed foods to sell directly to consumers. Markets feature fruits, vegetables, nuts, baked goods, jams and preserves, juices, olive oils, tofu, meat, cheese, prepared foods, nursery plants, and flowers. Held Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in three different Berkeley locations, the farmers' markets deserve to be on the travel itinerary.

If you miss the open-air markets, here's another great option. The Berkeley Bowl is a local foodie haven, with a produce section that encompasses most of the footprint of this natural grocery store. Just for example, imagine a fruit section of dozens of options, from 10 different kinds of oranges to 20 varieties of apples pick from, and another ten yards of different organic greens and herbs. Fresh deli, juice bar, coffee and tea, great local cheese, wine and beer selection, and friendly Berkeley denizens make this a worthy alternative to the fun farmers' market. There are two Berkeley Bowl locations in the city, one in south Berkeley (the original) and a new addition in West Berkeley. Check them out!