Vegetarian & Vegan Dining Guide 2022

Berkeley is a "Garden of Eatin" when it comes to plant-based dining.

Visit Berkeley's new Guide to Vegetarian & Vegan dining offers a bounty of options to really eat fresh.

Berkeley's dining scene is ever-eclectic. With all of the cuisines and culinary choices, one thing Berkeley restaurants share is a passion for fresh, local tastes. The new Guide to Vegetarian & Vegan Dining, produced by Visit Berkeley, dives deep into this "Garden of Eatin." More than 20 locales are listed and mapped, with options divided into Vegetarian, Vegan, and Vegetarian-ish categories. It's the most comprehensive guide to Berkeley veggie dining available, and it's available free from the Berkeley Visitor Information Center and online here.

vegan eateries guide Berkeley

1. Zino

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Location: 2086 Allston Way

Hours: Monday-Friday from 6:30am-10:30, 11:30am-1:30pm, 5:30-9pm and Saturday-Sunday from 7am-1pm, 5:30pm-10pm.

Contact: 510-225-6034 |

2. Gather

Cuisine: New American

Location: 2200 Oxford Street

Hours: Monday-Friday from 10:30am-2pm, 5pm-9pm and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-2pm, 5pm-10pm.

Contact: 510-809-0400 |

3. Julia's at Berkeley City Club

Cuisine: French

Location: 2315 Durant Avenue, Floor 2

Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-8:30pm and Saturday from 5pm-8:30pm. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Contact: 510-280-1547 |

4. Jupiter

Cuisine: Eclectic

Location: 2181 Shattuck Avenue

Hours: Monday-Thursday from 11:30am-12:30, Friday-Saturday from 12pm-1:30am, and Sunday from 2pm-11:30pm.

Contact: 510-843-8277 |

5. La Méditerranée

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Location: 2936 College Avenue

Hours: Sunday-Thursday from 10am-9:30pm and Friday-Saturday from 10am-10:30pm

Contact: 510-540-7773 |

6. La Note

Cuisine: French

Location: 2377 Shattuck Avenue

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday from 8am-2:30pm and Thursday-Saturday from 6am-10pm.

Contact: 510-843-1525 |

7. Longbranch

Cuisine: New American

Location: 2512 San Pablo Avenue

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday from 4pm-12:30am, Friday 4pm-1:30am, Saturday from 10am-1:30am, and Sunday 10am-11pm. Closed on Monday.

Contact: 510-984-0518 |

8. Mezzo

Cuisine: Sandwiches

Location: 2442 Telegraph Avenue

Hours: Daily from 8am-10pm

Contact: 510-705-1089 |

9. Paisan Berkeley

Cuisine: Italian

Location: 2514 San Pablo Avenue

Hours: Monday-Thursday from 11:30-9pm, Friday from 11:30am-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-9pm.

Contact: 510-649-1031 |

10. Lemat Ethiopian

Cuisine: Ethiopian

Location: 3212 Adeline Street

Hours: Monday-Friday from 5pm-10pm and Saturday-Sunday from 11:30am-10pm.

Contact: 510-430-2717 |

11. Cheeseboard

Cuisine: Bakery

Location: 1504 Shattuck Avenue

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 11:30am-3pm and 4:30pm-8pm. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Contact: 510-549-3183 |

12. sweetgreen

Cuisine: Salads & Light Fare

Location: 1890 Shattuck Avenue

Hours: Daily from 10:30am-10pm.

Contact: 510-990-8262 |

13. Flacos

Cuisine: Mexican

Location: 3031 Adeline Street

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-9pm and Friday-Saturday from 11am-10pm. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Contact: 510-981-8081 |

14. Kaffa Ethiopian

Cuisine: Ethiopian

Location: 2987 Sacramento Street

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm. Closed on Monday.

Contact: 510-677-5822

15. Long Life Vegi House

Cuisine: Chinese

Location: 1725 University Avenue

Hours: Wednesday-Monday from 11:30am-4pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Contact: 510-845-6072 |

16. Nabolom Bakery and Pizzeria

Cuisine: Bakery

Location: 2708 Russell Street

Hours: Wednesday-Friday from 7am-7pm, Saturday from 8am-7pm, and Sunday from 8am-2pm. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Contact: 510-845-2253 |

17. Udupi Palace

Cuisine: Indian

Location: 1903 University Avenue

Hours: Daily from 11:30am-10pm.

Contact: 510-843-6600 |

18. The Butcher's Son

Cuisine: American

Location: 1954 University Avenue

Hours: Monday-Friday from 11am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday from 9am-5pm.

Contact: 510-984-0818 |

19. Cha-Ya

Cuisine: Japanese

Location: 1686 Shattuck Avenue

Hours: Sunday-Thursday from 12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm and Friday-Saturday from 2pm-3pm, 5pm-9:30pm.

Contact: 510-981-1213

20. Cinnaholic

Cuisine: Bakery

Location: 2132 Oxford Street

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-8pm. Closed on Monday.

Contact: 510-647-8684 |

21. The Flying Falafel

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Location: 2114 Shattuck Avenue

Hours: Monday-Thursday from 10:30am-11pm, Friday-Saturday from 10:30am-12am, and Sunday from 10:30am-9pm.

Contact: 510-560-3393 |

22. Timeless Coffee

Cuisine: Bakery

Location: 2965 College Avenue

Hours: Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-6pm.

Contact: 510-985-1360 |

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