• Admission: $41-$66
  • Location: Aurora Mainstage Theatre
  • 2081 Addison St
  • Berkeley, California 94704
  • Phone: 510.843.4822

Show at Aurora

The writer of Eureka Day returns to Aurora with an explosively theatrical interrogation of agency and culpability. Through his all-too-personal lectures on psychology, Lukesh attempts to unravel a mystery with his wife Natalya at the center. What happened to Natalya? The search for answers will launch us on a time-hopping fugue, weaving together the stories of Stalin’s daughter defecting to America, the son of a white supremacist growing to doubt the beliefs he was raised with, and the secret despair of becoming an accidental killer. How do we truly make decisions? How do we change our minds? And what does it mean to be complicit?

Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Thursday, September 29
  • Friday, September 30
  • Saturday, October 1
  • Sunday, October 2
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