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Culinary wonderland, home to Chez Panisse restaurant, the University of California, regional tranportation hub, cultural arts capital -- we are Berkeley! 

See our Stay section for a list Berkeley hotels and inn.  And, the San Francisco Chronicle has named four Berkeley restaurants among the Best of the Bay -- read about Chez Panisse, Comal, Ippuku and Iyasare here! 

Please look below for official city, UC Berkeley, regional and state maps.  And, of course, a Google Map ready to serve up directions in a click or two. 

If you're in downtown Berkeley and looking for transit info, here's a handy map of downtown bus stops.


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City of Berkeley Map

UC Berkeley Map

San Francisco Bay Area Map

California Map

Annual Quilt Show
Berkeley Goes to the Fair
Bloom, mosaic art
Ellen Singer-Vine, multi-media artist

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