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  • 1901 San Pablo Ave
  • Berkeley, California 94702
  • Mon: Closed
  • Tue: 9:00 AM To 9:45 PM
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  • Thur: 9:00 AM To 9:45 PM
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  • Sat: 9:00 AM To 3:30 PM
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Established in 2000, BrasArte has four major goals:

  1. To preserve the traditional dances and music of Brazil.
  2. To preserve the historical roots of Brazil’s vibrant culture by helping to support and care for its aging artists and mentors.
  3. To nurture new and emerging artistic talent.
  4. To provide cultural exchange between Brazil and the United States.

Cultural Exchange
Central to BrasArte’s mission is cultural exchange between the USA and Brazil. An integral part of this is organizing tours and workshops with artists directly from Brazil, starting at its inception with the group Ile Aiye: Bahia’s first Bloco Afro, and Nicinha Raizes de Santo Amaro: one of the oldest surviving samba de roda groups in Brazil.
In addition BrasArte has sponsored world class artists such as: Rosangela Silvestre, Marcelo Chocolate, Margareth Menezes, Nildinha Fonseca and many many more.

Major Tours
BrasArte immediately established itself as a major cultural organization by sponsoring two phenomenal tours — the first by Nicinha Raises de Santo Amaro (one of the oldest folkloric groups in Bahia) in 2001 and the second by Ile Aiye (Bahia’s first and oldest bloco afro, Afro Brazilian carnaval group) in 2003.
Both tours presented theater and festival performances, public school workshops and provided the general public with the opportunity to attend master classes.

Youth Programs
Since 2000, our weekly youth programming, and cultural immersion camp (Camp Ere), has introduced thousands of Bay Area children to Brazilian arts culture. Our extensive scholarship program (over 50% of youth in our community receive some level of financial aid) has created an inclusive opportunity for children of all backgrounds to participate. Register for youth classes.

Music & Dance Programs
BrasArte offers high quality classes with local dance and music teachers of international caliber on a weekly basis. Students are welcome to experiment and continue their training on a consistent basis, creating the base of our BrasArte community and the opportunity for group performances. While our classes focus on Brazilian arts, we also offer classes with West African focus and dance conditioning. Register for Classes.

Sharing the Richness of Brazilian Culture
One of the few arts and cultural organizations in California with an emphasis specifically on preserving the traditional dances and music of Brazil, BrasArte focuses on providing events and activities which enrich the lives of both Bay Area residents with Brazilian roots and those with an interest in discovering more about Brazil’s extensive traditions.

By sharing the rich cultural heritage of Brazil with the varied communities located throughout the Bay Area, BrasArte promotes a deeper understanding of South America’s largest country.