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Hello! Dianna here, I’m a professionally trained baker, mom and the founder of Cult Crackers, an artisan cracker company in Berkeley, California.

After a career in marketing, my love of baking brought me back to the kitchen, a place where I feel at home and creative. I started baking seeded crackers and realized they were really good, and really good for you. My friends and family thought they were the best thing ever, and convinced me that other people would also love them. I took the crackers to a local cheese shop, and the next thing I knew I was in the cracker business.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted my company to be a force for good, to do things with craft and care. I wanted to bring the values I learned growing up in a third-generation California farming family with the traditions of cooking and sharing good food.

At Cult Crackers that means;

  • We mix, bake and package each batch of crackers by hand
  • We use only wholesome ingredientsWe put the extra effort into being certified organic
  • We use recyclable packaging and our crackers are available in bulk
  • We are a green-certified business
  • We pay our hard-working team a living wage and offer health benefits, sick leave and paid-time off

Along the way, I’ve learned that it takes more than just a good cracker recipe to build a business from scratch. You have to hustle your heart out to make something successful.

Though Cult Crackers is still a small business, I now have a mighty team of four women helping me. We hand bake and hand package our insanely good crackers at the Berkeley Kitchens, a wonderful community of small food producers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can find our award-winning crackers in independent grocery stores around the country, and on our online shop.
Want to get in touch with me? Email and I promise to email you back.

I love what I do and that Cult Crackers nourish people in so many ways.