Ledgers Liqours

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  • 1399 University Ave
  • Berkeley, California 94702
  • Phone: (510) 540-9243

Ledgers Liqours

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm. Call for specific inventory availability. (510) 540-9243

We are an independently owned and operated liquor store. We have been serving the San Francisco East Bay community since 1935.
Ledgers’ is unique by standards set today as it is family-owned and operated.
We been in business for a long time. Grandpa and Grandma Ledger were going to open up a butcher shop. The end of Prohibition came, and they decided to see how they might do in the liquor business. Grandma and Grandpa Ledger hopped into their pick-up truck, and headed off for Sacramento. Since Grandpa didn’t like to drive fast. It took them half the day to get to Sacramento to apply for a liquor license, and half the day to get back to Berkeley.