Trumer Pils Brewery & Taproom

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  • Wed: 4pm - 10pm
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Trumer Pils Brewery & Taproom

The Trumer Brewery in Berkeley was established in 2004 as a sister brewery to the centuries-old Trumer Brauerei in Salzburg, Austria. Combining the heritage of European brewing with the energy and passion of American craft brewing in Berkeley, Trumer Pils gives craft beer drinkers in the U.S. the chance to enjoy a fresh and classic German-Style Pilsner every day.

For over 400 years, Trumer Pils has been brewed to the exact standards of the "Reinheitsgebot", or the Austrian Beer Purity Law. We keep the ingredients to just water, malt, hops, and yeast and ferment it for 3 weeks to create such a simply satisfying and delicious brew.

The Trumer Taproom serves Trumer's flagship pilsner along with a variety of other European beer styles.  There are 16 taps and Trumer plans to have at least a dozen in operation.  The gleaming beer barrels behind the counter are bubbling away, fueled by Sierra Nevada-sourced mountain water.  Big screen TVs, indoor and outdoor seating, and a tasty food menu featuring charcuterie, sandwiches, salads and Solano Avenue's Squabisch pretzels add to the good vibe.  The menu also includes a small wine list and non-alcoholic beverages, and branded merch (apparel, hats, glassware) is available.  Dog-friendly, too.  Prost!


Taproom is now open and ready to welcome you Wednesday through Sunday!

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