Vik's Chaat

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Vik's Chaat

Available Monday–Sunday for Lunch 11am–2:30pm and Dinner 5–7:30pm

To place to-go orders: call (510) 644-4432, Click Here for Delivery

Call in your order (click here for menu), pay by credit card at the time of order, and pick up directly from the expeditor in the restaurant. We encourage customers to use our exclusive Chaat entrance on Channing Way to avoid walking through the market, if they so chose.

For curbside delivery: when you get to the Channing Way entrance, call again, and we will bring your order to you.

Viks Chaat has proudly been serving chaat for over 25 years. Viks offers many regional chaat dishes from different parts of India.  Over 2000 dishes are served each day to customers coming from near and far.

Viks Chaat started out in 1989 as a small area of Viks Retail Store, located inside a warehouse in the commercial district of Berkeley.  Over the years, its popularity grew and people began coming from miles around for Viks Chaat.  In 2004, Viks Chaat expanded to accommodate customers who were lining up for the various Indian savory snacks.

  • Certified Green Business