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    12:00 PM
Apr 1 2020

Berkeley Music Circus


These need not be such dark times! There is still art to be made! Warm up your vocal chords or start practicing your instruments. Each week, on Wednesday at noon, step outside your door or open your window and make the hills (and the flats) come alive with music.

You will have one week to learn the words or practice on an instrument. These are simple songs and easy for everyone to learn. This will give kids incentive to practice their violin or flute and lessen the boredom of being sequestered, just a bit. It may even put a smile on your face.

If you are a block captain, or feel like you are capable, please go out in the middle of your block to act as the conductor, starting your neighborhood off at the same time and setting the tempo for the music. On the sidewalk please!

Wednesday, April 1: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

See website link for lyrics.