• Admission: $28.00 - $103.00 including fees
  • Location: The Marsh
  • 2120 Allston Way
  • Berkeley, CA 94704
  • Time:
    5:00 PM to 6:10 PM
Mar 10 2023
recurring event

Dan Hoyle's Talk To Your People

From award-winning actor and playwright Dan Hoyle, this new piece of immersion research theater chronicles America’s first year of the pandemic through seven stories. Urged by a friend to “talk to your people,” Dan practiced his journalism of hanging out in parks, beaches, and playgrounds, talking to everyone he could, and listening to deeply human, comic, and complex stories about the national reckonings around race, power, and masculinity.

An incisive and comedic meditation on how we got to this moment, and how we might move forward together. Talk To Your People showcases a portfolio of characters that are unique, funny, raw, and moving. Audiences meet a Norcal hippie jock wrestling with his activist heart in a "soul-crushing" corporate job, an Argentine Marxist techie uncomfortable with his newfound status in elite circles, a sensitive hipster academic trying to surf the rising tides of outrage politics, among others, all brought to the stage in Hoyle’s signature style.

“Vibrantly entertaining. Nothing short of magical.”

--Theater Storm

“Dan Hoyle delivers with genius, curiosity, and intelligence. Don’t miss!”


Proof of vaccination is required to attend in-person shows. The front of house staff will check your ID and vaccination card upon arrival to the theater. Everyone must wear a mask while inside the building.

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