• Location: UC Berkeley Campus
  • 121 Wurster Hall
  • Berkeley, California 94704
  • Phone: (510) 642-4942

Exhibition: Other Objects

Please check website for opening hours as it varies daily.


Other Objectives presents recent work by SAW // Spiegel Aihara Workshop, a hybrid design office founded by architect Dan Spiegel and landscape architect Megumi Aihara in San Francisco, CA. The central premise of SAW’s work is the productive tension between architecture and landscape architecture. Instead of binary dialectics of interior/exterior, synthetic/natural, contained/continuous, or formal/informal typically associated with landscape and architecture when considered as separate disciplines, SAW is concerned primarily with conceptions of experience over time.

Other Objectives is an adaptation of an installation prepared for the 2018 Architectural League Prize exhibition in New York, exploring the changing nature of objects through relationships of time and form in built and theoretical projects. The exhibit centers on a series of sectional and elevational models, cut in unconventional ways in order to isolate particular ‘loaded moments’ within nine projects. These models are abstract in their disassociation from the rest of the building/project and ambiguous in scale, but also specific in the expression of detail. Gradually shifting gradients of light overlay another layer of information - ephemeral and memory-like - through several of the models from the subtle glow of LED loops. The box frame freezes a focused spatial condition, while the image overlay projects a subjectivity defined by a viewer – reinforcing the premise that objects are defined by perception at a particular moment in time.

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