• Location: Aurora Mainstage Theatre
  • 2081 Addison St
  • Berkeley, California 94704
  • Phone: 510.843.4822
Nov 12 2021
recurring event


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In its world premiere, Father/Daughter, by playwright Kait Kerrigan, is a beautifully written contemporary romance. Two actors play both pairs of lovers in this structurally inventive play that asks how our relationships with our parents and children impact our romantic lives. 

In parallel stories told 23 years apart, Baldwin is Miranda’s 30-year-old divorced father who is trying to forge a new relationship with a beguiling woman, and Miranda is Baldwin’s 30-year-old daughter, who has found herself in her first serious relationship.

What can we learn from the relationships we choose in order to repair the relationships we inherit? Kerrigan is an award winning playwright, librettist, and lyricist (We Have to Hold Hands, Mad Ones). Presented live in our space if health conditions allow, otherwise streamed to your home on video.

“Kait Kerrigan’s writing is insightful, audacious, and liable to make you either laugh or cry when you least expect it.”
— Josh Costello, Artistic Director

By Kait Kerrigan
Directed by M. Graham Smith

In person performances NOV 12–DEC 12
Streaming DEC 7–DEC 12

Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Friday, December 3
  • Saturday, December 4
  • Sunday, December 5
  • Wednesday, December 8
  • Thursday, December 9
  • Friday, December 10
  • Saturday, December 11
  • Sunday, December 12
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