• Location: Aurora Mainstage Theatre
  • 2081 Addison st
  • Berkeley, CA 94704
Jan 27 2023
recurring event

Paradise Blue

Dominique Morisseau (Detroit ‘67) continues her Detroit Trilogy with Paradise Blue, a jazz-infused drama in which we meet Blue, a gifted trumpeter, who contemplates selling his once-vibrant nightclub in Detroit’s Blackbottom neighborhood. Set in 1949 against a backdrop of urban renewal, Morisseau investigates the challenges of building a better future on the foundation left us. If Blue sells, where does that leave his devoted Pumpkin, who has dreams of her own? And what does this mean for the club’s house band? When Silver, a mysterious woman with a walk that drives men mad, comes to town with her own plans, everyone’s world is turned upside down.

"Suspenseful noir and Detroit history converge in Dominique Morisseau's 'Paradise Blue'... Morisseau is extremely skillful in creating a fertile theatrical landscape" — Los Angeles Times

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