• Location: Hearst Field Annex D23
  • 2581 Bancroft Way
  • Berkeley, CA 94704

Pueblo Revolt, by Dillon Chitto

Pueblo Revolt explores the Pueblo Uprising through the eyes of a gay Pueblo teen, Feem, and his older brother, Ba’homa. Equally hilarious and poignant, the play weaves together history and Indigifuturism to examine queerness, family, religion, and survival.

“Initially, I was really connected to the character of Feem,” says Reed Flores, who will direct the project. “I’m also a Queer younger brother. But, as I kept rereading this play, I was really drawn to the language. A majority of the dialogue of this play is created in a sort of modern realism, how we talk today — but then there are parts that lean into magic, into poetry, and those are the parts that really transport me to a different place.”

ARC is delighted with the community partnership we’ve formed with AlterTheater, and thrilled to bring Dillon Chitto’s terrific Pueblo Revolt to the Berkeley campus. This funny and emotionally moving play animates a significant episode in Indigenous history, told through the experiences of two brothers as they struggle to survive with bodies and hearts intact. The play is perfect for a campus audience–the two brothers are young men, one with a serious crush–as well as a broader audience interested in the gifts that Indigenous playwrights are bringing to the theater.

AlterTheater’s unique model of collaboration to create accessible, community-driven theater aligns with ARC’s mission as a think tank for the arts. We are proud to host playwright Dillon Chitto as an Artist-In-Residence Feb 6 – 9, and he will be visiting classes in the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies department as well as giving a public talk on ‘Theater as a Site of Public History,’ with Gonzaga University professor Laurie Arnold on Monday, Feb 6. We hope audiences will come back to ARC for this free public event.”

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