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Toni Morrison's - The Bluest Eye

Virtual Production

Pulitzer Prize Winner Toni Morrison's debut novel, The Bluest Eye (which turns fifty this year), comes to Aurora in a stunning adaptation by playwright Lydia R. Diamond (Stick Fly, Smart People). Pecola Breedlove is obsessed with Shirley Temple and a desire to have blue eyes. Claudia, another young girl and one of Pecola’s only friends, guides us through this hauntingly lyrical memory play. Diamond expertly translates to the stage the emotional depths of Black girlhood, the poisonous effects of racism, and the heartbreak of shame in Morrison's work. Celebrated for a “profound and unrelenting vision,” (The New Yorker) Morrison sets The Bluest Eye in her hometown of Lorain, Ohio, and places three young Black girls—Claudia, Pecola, and Frieda—center stage as they strive to make sense of love, sisterhood, abuse, and hate.

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