• Location: Dharma College
  • 2222 Harold Way
  • Berkeley, CA 94704

Wisdom and Art

The art exhibition runs from April 1st to June 30th, 2023 and will be open to the public on Fridays.

Notes from the artist:

From the Ether is an artistic expression of encaustic painting, a natural beeswax and damar resin (crystalized tree sap) to which pigment is added. Encaustic is one of the most beautiful art mediums dating back to ancient Greece. The word encaustic means “to heat or burn in.” In its malleability and layering a hidden potential is revealed.

My creative journey springs from an awareness of the beauty that surrounds us. Initially through macro and abstract photography and then turning inward toward encaustic abstract painting, a tactile medium. In the process of melting, painting, fusing and repeating, the colors, textures and forms arise.

In taking classes with Dharma College, I notice the synergy between creating art and developing wisdom begins with easefulness. The classes offer a dynamic framework for understanding how the mind works and how direct experience manifests." Cathleen A. Evangelista

Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Monday, June 5
  • Tuesday, June 6
  • Wednesday, June 7
  • Thursday, June 8
  • Friday, June 9
  • Saturday, June 10
  • Sunday, June 11
  • Monday, June 12
  • Tuesday, June 13
  • Wednesday, June 14
  • Thursday, June 15
  • Friday, June 16
  • Saturday, June 17
  • Sunday, June 18
  • Monday, June 19
  • Tuesday, June 20
  • Wednesday, June 21
  • Thursday, June 22
  • Friday, June 23
  • Saturday, June 24
  • Sunday, June 25
  • Monday, June 26
  • Tuesday, June 27
  • Wednesday, June 28
  • Thursday, June 29
  • Friday, June 30
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