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Find the Best Berkeley Restaurants

Culinary travel experiences abound in Berkeley. Dine at the historic and iconic Chez Panisse, a pioneer in the local, sustainable, organic food movement. Visit a Berkeley brewery to enjoy local craft beer and delicious pub food. Looking for that perfect, candlelit romantic restaurant by the bay? Find it in Berkeley!

Today, Berkeley restaurants, chefs, and food artisans continue to innovate and impress with quality cuisine and memorable experiences. With more than 350 restaurants citywide, there's an amazing array of dining options.

Don’t forget to check out Berkeley Restaurant Week which takes place every January and offers great deals to best restaurants in Berkeley.

Berkeley Sightseeing Guide for Foodies
Berkeley is a city of neighborhoods, each with independent mantra, mood and food. Try pairing sightseeing with a local culinary adventure to explore each of Berkeley's "boroughs." Read More