Discover Visit Berkeley's new "Cal Secret Spots" guide and explore the hidden corners of UC Berkeley Campus not to miss.

Visiting UC Berkeley

Berkeley begins with the University of California campus, the sylvan and stone, heart and soul of the city. Today, the UC Berkeley campus, or “Cal” to locals, students,and alums, serves as more than a world-class academic enclave. It is Berkeley’s “Central Park,” a major attraction within the destination with as much appeal to travelers as to degree-seekers.

To honor Cal’s 150th anniversary celebration, Visit Berkeley produced a hyper-informed guide to exploring the campus, encompassing both its icons and its hidden corners. The “Cal Secret Spots” guide, created in collaboration with Bravo Your City!, is available in both high-quality printed map and digital formats. Here are a few of our favorite (shhhhhh) secret spots:

Strawberry Creek This peaceful creek provides a cool oasis of foliage, surrounded by towering California redwoods. It’s the perfect spot to breathe in, breathe out, and get a little zen on campus.

Morrison Library Time travel to Morrison Library, located inside the larger Doe Library. Morrison Library opened in 1928 as a traditional library reading room, providing an ambient atmosphere for students to take a break from the rigors of academic life. It’s vaulted ceilings, and long wooden reading tables, still serve as a quiet refuge for students and visitors alike. One of the architectural treasures of the UC system, the library’s marble steps are also a popular spot for graduation photos.

Founders Rock Try to find Founders Rock at the corner of Hearst Ave and Gayley Road. Oak and eucalyptus trees shelter a jumble of lichen-encrusted stones -- but don't be fooled. This unassuming spot is the very heart of Berkeley. In 1860, more than a century before Mario Savio would initiate the Free Speech Movement on UC Berkeley’s campus, the trustees of the College of California in Oakland met to survey the land they had purchased for a new university.

Moe's Books An icon and a historic landmark ever since the 1960s, Moe’s Books got its start in 1959 under the leadership of Moe Moskowitz. Originally founded on Shattuck Avenue, Moe’s Books was soon moved to Telegraph and Dwight, however, where it would bear witness to the tumultuous, counterculture Sixties scene. Today, Moe's is a superb independent bookstore with titles one might not easily find elsewhere. For example there's an entire section on Beatnik authors!

In addition to the Visit Berkeley website, Cal Secret Spots is available via iBooks and Amazon Kindle. Berkeley travelers can pick one up (while supplies last) at the Visitor Information Center, 2030 Addison Street in downtown Berkeley, along with a variety of other printed guides and brochures with great activity suggestions.